Outstanding Apprentice: Kyle Anderson

Posted By : SMACNA AZ | 10 SEPT 2018

Kyle AndersonKyle Anderson, recent graduate of the Arizona Sheet Metal Apprenticeship, exemplifies the high standards and benefits provided by SMART Local 359 and its future, embracing flexibility and technology. After a stint studying architecture, Kyle made a career change and joined the Arizona Sheet Metal Apprenticeship. He worked in the field throughout his tenure, and became interested in the modeling software that is increasingly common in the industry. He knew that entering the trade was right for him, saying he appreciated the toughness this work entailed. “Construction shows you what you’re made of,” Kyle explains. “It makes you a better, tougher person who is able to tackle just about anything.” Since graduating, Kyle has been working at MLP Consulting, where he has had the opportunity to utilize his knowledge of REVIT software on modeling systems for construction projects, and by coordinating plans and installations with other contractors. Kyle recently worked on projects at Luke Airforce Base, Davis Monthan and the Mercy Gilbert hospital. Kyle says he is fortunate to have learned the trade from hands-on experience and is proud to be a union member of SMART Local 359. He recognizes and appreciates the unique opportunity to learn the skills in his career path and sharpen them in the field at the same time. “Being a part of this union is special to me because at the end of the day, even if you don’t know everybody, you are still a sheet metal worker and always have a place to turn to that will help you out,” Kyle says of SMART Local 359. Even though he just graduated from the apprenticeship earlier this year, Kyle is heading back at the end of this year – this time as an instructor. In September, he will begin teaching a new course on introductory principles of REVIT software. There is a nationwide shortage of workers who can work with this technology, and Kyle wants to make it as accessible as possible for those in the Arizona Sheet Metal Apprenticeship. Asked how he would tackle teaching in the trade for the first time, Kyle takes a sound and pragmatic approach. “Everybody that you train is different,” he says. “The biggest thing is to listen to what they’re telling you, and give them what they need, depending on their comfort level and degree of expertise.” Kyle is looking forward to teaching the REVIT course and sharing his knowledge about the trade and new technologies. Moreover, Kyle explains what he will gain from the experience, saying “I actually find it selfish because I really enjoy how much I am able to learn from teaching others.” His passion and commitment to both learning and teaching will lead Kyle to a bright future in the trade. He aims to take on management roles down the road, and hopes to continue learning and teaching in the trade as technology and techniques continue to evolve. source –

MLP Consulting – New Technological Innovators of Southwest Construction

Posted By : SMACNA AZ | 30 JUN 2017

MLP Consulting TeamIn the southwest region where growth is undeniable and construction is a leading trade, Michael Pair and his small but mighty team at MLP Consulting are consistently winning the bid game with contractors in the state of Arizona. Michael’s overall mission with his company is to ensure that high quality standards are met with every single job. The Team at MLP Consulting Pictured from left: Michael Pair, Cody Ahern, Scott Christiansen and Alec Martinez MLP Consulting is celebrating just its second birthday, but Michael and his team have been masters of this market for decades. While Michael worked for University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors (UMEC), he noticed that many contractors seemed to have a growing need for BIM (Building Info Modeling) technologies. MLP TeamBIM is defined by Autodesk as, “an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.” Essentially, BIM is much more efficient than other planning and design tools and allows for minimization of wasted materials. By using this method everyone involved on these projects can be on the same page. The need for a reliable BIM contractor in the southwest was ever present and growing rapidly. Carrying multiple Autodesk certifications and over twenty years of experience, Michael was inspired and ready to seize the opportunity and work on his own. By late 2015 he was gaining momentum. He quit his job and hired Scott Christiansen, an ITT Technical Institute graduate with fourteen years of experience in construction. MLP Consulting continued to grow, allowing them to bring on Cody, another graduate from ITT Technical Institute with an architectural background. Michael Pair - In His OfficeIn such a niche market, MLP Consulting’s work is spreading entirely by word of mouth. Michael describes, “It’s such a specialized industry that it’s really kind of hard to target where you want to market because not everybody utilizes BIM.” Relying on word of mouth for marketing seems to be working for MLP Consulting. They have placed a strong emphasis on the quality of work delivered and have earned a solid reputation in the field. The company is working on several notable projects such as the Banner University Medical Center Tucson, Optima Kierland Luxury Condominiums, Phoenix International Raceway, the Cleveland Indians Training Facility and two aircraft maintenance buildings at Luke Air Force Base. This work does not come without challenges, and perhaps the most difficult among them is communication with the contractor. Cody explains, “The companies all have different ways of doing things and different ways of fabricating their products, that’s where the mistakes come from. You adjust by getting ahead of the things prior to the job starting by putting together material matrices according to the job specs.” Constant communication with the contractor is crucial so that when something on a project goes wrong it can be rectified as quickly as possible.

In June of 2016, Michael joined the Arizona Chapter of Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA AZ) demonstrating his dedication to this region and his employees. Michael remembers, “My first summer here I was working on the roof and I thought I had moved to hell. I love Arizona now.” He and his dedicated team will continue their efforts to build and grow the state of Arizona.

This video illustrates the innovative and cost effective work that Michael and his team are doing to develop the southwest region.

MLP Consulting
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2432 West Peoria Avenue
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