Lily Gutierrez

Administrative Manager

Associates Degree in English Literature back in the 1980s. Lean Six Sigma Certification, (Green Belt), through UC San Diego.
Before joining MLP Consulting I spent over 15 years in State Government, (ADOT, ADHS, and ADOA) as an Administrative Services Officer II and an Enforcement Unit Manager. The two years before coming here I worked for temp agencies and did everything from working in schools, the City of Phoenix, and screening donors for blood donations.
Discovering ways to make their processes more efficient and helping them lower overall project costs. Working with clients to discover where we can save money, make more money, or prevent potential losses.
I help with the day to day stuff. Does our staff have everything they need to properly do their job? Are they in a comfortable work environment? I like being a part of making sure everyone has the tools they need to do a great job!
Honesty, trust and kindness.
I have flower gardens literally everywhere on my property and I spend a great deal of time messing around with them. I also have a non-profit, People Helping People, I run out of my garage. I provide furniture, clothing, etc to people in need. I also help connect them with services that can help them too, like work forces, utilities help, rental issues, etc. I run a business, LB Book Crazy, where I buy and sell old or unusual books and art.
Movies are Eat, Pray, Love and Practical Magic. Books – the Harry Potter series (because it’s a good read and I sell them)
“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa

2432 West Peoria Avenue
​Building 15, Suite 1320
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

(602) 296-4090

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