Joe Molina


I make the necessary changes to client contracts in order to satisfy both the engineers and the client.

Joe Molina
Graduated from ASU in 2016 with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering.
I took three CAD classes, 2 in AutoCAD and 1 in Revit.
The work Environment is pretty nice, everyone is quick to help you when you are stuck on a problem.
I enjoy learning new things, I’ve never been involved with pipe fitting before, so it’s enjoyable having to learn the standards for work and learning how exactly to model certain things.
Working out at the gym, hanging out with friends.
My favorite book would have to be “Ender’s Game,” and my favorite movie would be “The Avengers.”
“I know that I know Nothing.” Spoken by Socrates
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2432 West Peoria Avenue
​Building 15, Suite 1320
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

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