Gladiola Rubio

Virtual Design Coordinator/Detailer/Laser Scan Tech

As a member of the Local 469, I model piping systems for BIM Coordination along with Electrical equipment.

Associates Degree in Applied Science focused on Computer Aided Drafting & Design.
Before joining MLP Consulting I spent four years at a manufacturing company doing international inside sales and customer service. Through my college, I was also able to intern with the Product Development department at E.D. Bullard Company.
Not enough time or people. We like to help companies succeed by providing our services promptly.
I like finding mistakes that can cause a financial bump in the long run.
Honesty, courage, and drive.
I like to paint, draw and spend time with my dog.
I love the Fast and Furious Movies, FRIENDS is my favorite show.
“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the one a second time” – Georger Bernard Shaw

2432 West Peoria Avenue
​Building 15, Suite 1320
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

(602) 296-4090

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