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Benefits of Laser Scanning

Benefits of Laser Scanning

What is one of the most “forgotten” obstacles when it comes to fitting MEP systems in a building?

If you guessed joists & trusses, you are correct.

How do they impact the installation of MEP systems and why?

Depending on the structure of the building, you have so many options for block-outs and sleeves.  There might be a few reasons as to why the picture above shows this specific conflict.  Here’s a couple:

Reason 1:  There was no budget for BIM.  So, the install was based on the original design that did not include structural coordination.

Reason 2:  If there was BIM, when the trusses &. joists are not modeled in per field conditions, the coordinators are not able to coordinate properly.

If you notice, in the picture above, your first thought is, “well, you can just move it over a foot or two and you’ll be clear.”  That is true, however, in order to do that, it does not just impact that specific trade.  If there are other components there, they would need to be adjusted as well.  Which means added material cost and field install labor.  And what about the rest of the duct and other systems running through the joist space?  What’s going to happen when all the material arrives?

Instead of bouncing around ideas on site, we used our FARO laser scanner to capture all field conditions and imported the point cloud into our coordination model to determine if this was not the only location impacted by the structural framing. After review from all angles, we were able to provide updated fabrication details and drawings with dimensions.